Nagaland, the most mountainous part of Northern India plays host to India’s Great Hornbill. The least populated state in India and also hosts 16 different tribes, some of which are world famous. The tribals with bangles around their necks and the biggest nose rings are all from this beautiful state. The most common and followed rituals are Head fetching and Feasts of merit.

Nagaland is largely still rural, the state government is working hard to get the state urbanized and increase its educated population and also establish a strong law enforcement.

Jobs offers by the government

The government here offers many jobs for different class of people and provide them with security. The Information and Public Relations Department is offering Assistant Public Relation Officer and Information assistant for Degree holders. Similarly the department of the State Vigilance Commission is seeking Inspector Vigilance Commission and Sub-Inspector Vigilance Commission.

The Personnel and Administrative Reforms Department is also recruiting bachelor degree holders for Extra Assistant Commissioner and Secretariat Assistant. Transport department is recruiting a transport officer, excise inspector of the Excise Department, many positions for the post of Inspector of industries/extension officers and economic investigator by the Industries and Commerce Department.

Teaching jobs are open at all levels starting from a teacher of the school to a lecturer in college at the state of Nagaland. Most of these jobs seekers must have completed the necessary certifications and must be eligible for the posts as mentioned in the website.

Types of government departments

Indian government alongside the Nagaland government are working on increasing the education and employment opportunities in the state. Some of the departments are mentioned below

Related Recruitment of Nagaland

Agriculture Department- This like in most states in India depends majorly on agriculture for its revenue and this is the most preferred occupation of the residents here.

Forest, Ecology, Environment and Wildlife Department- As mentioned earlier the forests filled with orchids, medicinal plants, wildlife and beautiful birds. This department works on conserving the forest and wildlife and protecting endangered animals.

Planning and Coordination Department- This contains the Directorate of Evaluation, which evaluates and assess the schemes and programs provided by the government. As in how much of a benefit it is to the people, if it is helping them move forward in their lives.

Social Welfare and Women Development Department- It operates the Nagaland State Women Commission, ensuring the safety of women from domestic violence since 2005.


Government jobs are of a good number in the state of Nagaland. The state government of Nagaland is focusing on its development in every field. Taking in the advantages of its geography and topology, it’s working on its horticulture and floriculture, encouraging tourism towards the wide variety of tribes and scenic views. Thus providing many job opportunities in the process and keep the frequency at a good pace. Make sure to check the websites quiet often.

Popular recruitments By Nagaland:

The major recruiters for government jobs in the state of Nagaland are the educational and research institutes and other big recruitment happens with the Police Department. There are jobs available for all classes of people in the state as an encouragement to promote literacy and employment throughout the state.